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HR Award

In 2018 Faculty of Arts joined the HR Excellence in Research Award and expressed a commitment to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. https://cdn2.euraxess.org/sites/default/files/brochures/kina21620b1c_cs.pdf. HR Award is awarded by the European Commission for excellent management of human resources in the research environment. Awarded institution guarantees open and transparent selection and recruitment process of the new employees as well as continuous quality assurance of the working environment. HR Award thus increases the attractiveness of the institution for researchers from abroad and also promotes the Faculty when obtaining research projects and grants.

The HR Award is awarded after designing of GAP Analysis and the subsequent Action Plan including the measures for improvement. Faculty of Arts undertakes to implement proposed measures within two years in order to meet the objectives suggested in the Action Plan and to defend the HR Award for the next period. Implementation of the Action Plan will:

  • make the faculty legislation more transparent,
  • promote gender sensitivity at the faculty,
  • promote the Faculty of Arts in the public sphere,
  • enhance popularization of science and research outcomes,
  • improve the working environment for the academics and researchers,
  • and above all, incorporate the principles of Charter and Code into faculty legislation and processes.

Both the GAP analysis and the Action Plan are based on results of the faculty questionnaire survey and two focus groups. All documents are published in English.

The Faculty HR Award submission date is: 10 December 2019

Contact: hraward@ff.zcu.cz