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Faculty of Arts at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

The Faculty of Arts is a modern, creative, and forward looking Faculty, covering a wide range of study programs from the social sciences to the humanities. The Faculty of Arts plays an important role in the social and cultural life of the city of Pilsen. This is evident from the many activities organized or co-organized by its students and academics. Besides traditional disciplines like Philosophy, Archeology, and History, the Faculty focuses on the study of the modern era, the Middle East and Africa, the post-Soviet space, the history of science and technology, the history of international relations, and paleoanthropology, as well as Czech-Bavarian cooperation and the intensive study of foreign languages. The Faculty of Arts has also developed strong links with relevant state institutions and non-profit organizations. International cooperation at many levels covers an important part of its activities to the benefit of students of all kinds.

The Faculty of Arts is currently composed of ten departments: The Department of English Language and Literature, The Department of Anthropology, The Department of Archeology, The Department of Middle Eastern Studies, The Department of Philosophy, The Department of German and Slavic Languages, The Department of Historical Sciences, The Department of Political Science and International Relations, The Department of Roman Languages, and The Department of Sociology.


Presentation of the Faculty of Arts

Foreign students can choose from the following subjects: