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Council of Partners

The Council of Partners is an advisory board composed of representatives of institutions (governmental institutions, regional and local government institutions, non-governmental organizations, language institutes, museums, archives, important regional and local private companies etc.) which are the Faculty’s long term partners. Cooperation between the Faculty and such institutions allows the provision of internships or job opportunities for students and the exchange of knowledge between the academic environment and general practice. The main goal of the Council of Partners is to exchange knowledge, experience, and expertise. The Council of Partners holds its meetings once or twice a year. At the meetings, the Faculty of Arts presents current problems and strategic development plans. The institutional representatives present opinions, remarks, and suggestions which they consider to be helpful when approaching the given problems and plans. The institutional representatives also provide opinions about the preparedness of students/graduates with respect to applying for particular jobs. They provide information about available job opportunities in their institutions. Such consultation with the abovementioned partners can help the Faculty adapt study programmes or particular courses to the demands of the labour market.