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Research and Development

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia. Our Faculty has 10 departments, whose research interests cover a wide range of areas and disciplines. There exist also a number of research centers within the departments, such as the Research Center for Theory and History of Science, Center for Japanese Studies, the Center for African Studies, the Laboratory of Biological Anthropology, and the Center for Visual Ethnography.

At the Faculty of Arts, our Archeologists deal with the Study of Modern Era Society, but also with Aerial Archeology and Remote Sensing, and Landscape Archeology. Anthropologists focus on areas including South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, the Anthropology of Past Populations, Visual Anthropology, and Landscape Anthropology. Sociologists enrich this research with the study of marginal communities, social inequalities, and migration, which is also an important part of Middle Eastern Studies, otherwise dealing with the histories, cultures, religions, and politics of Morocco, Iran, Syria, the Horn of Africa, and Israel. Researchers in Philosophy turn their attention to the history and philosophy of science and technology, the philosophy of religions, as well as aesthetics and the theory of arts. Historians focus on the history of nationalism, empire, and more specifically Central Europe and the Far East. Political Scientists and scholars of International Relations analyze the politics of the EU, international security, democracy and media, and how political institutions work. Language studies departments develop philological research in French, English, German, and Russian, as well as practically oriented studies focused on business, tourism, and cross-border cooperation.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!