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Burkhardt Wolf - Literature’s “Maritime Turn”: Odyssean Sea Charts from Homer to Joyce


Rádi bychom Vás pozvali na přednášku Burkhardta Wolfa (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) - Literature’s ‚Maritime Turn‘: Odyssean Sea Charts from Homer to Joyce

19. 6. 2019, 17:00, SO214 (Sedláčkova 38/Děkanát FF)

Abstract: A hallmark of the Odyssey is its peculiar (Mediterranean) topography and the constant deterritorialization of its reference points. If, in antiquity, sailing manuals had to reckon with the nautical and existential disorientation experienced on the high seas, then these nautical expedients must have been reflected in Homer’s nautical epic. And in fact, technical manuals and poetical imagination, topos and tropus here translate into each other. But if the Odyssey is actually based upon those sailing manuals, then certainly not as a mere versification of their underlying sources. Rather, it discloses their ‘poetic’ character – their creativity in determining and describing places within the ‘placeless’ sea. In the wake of Homer’s polytropic (‘cast-up and cunning’) hero, literature would have to grapple with the ‘placeless’ sea, with its verbal or visual description, and therefore with its own poetic proceedings and their limits. Particularly in highly reverbatory modern Odyssies, the charts are overstretched, the tools become dysfunctional, and explorations go methodically astray. The more complex modern worlddescription, the more fatal its shortcomings – as if Odysseus, at the edge of modern cartography, had returned to the state of deterritorialization that spurred his very first departure.

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