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Mgr. Robin Kopecký - X-Phi 1: How virtue signalling makes us better: Moral preferences with respect to autonomous vehicle type choices


Dne 8. 11. 2019 od 10:30 vystoupí Mgr. Robin Kopecký (PřF UK) s příspěvkem X-Phi 1: How virtue signalling makes us better: Moral preferences with respect to autonomous vehicle type choices. 


Robin Kopecký je doktorandem v oboru evoluční biologie na Přírodovědecké fakultě Karlovy univerzity v Praze, předtím získal magisterský titul z filosofie na Filosofické fakultě UK. Pracuje na vybraných tématech z oblasti aplikované etiky a experimentální filosofie, včetně etiky autonomních vozidel a morálních intuic dospělých i dětí.

Abstract: X-Phi 1: How virtue signalling makes us better: Moral preferences with respect to autonomous vehicle type choices. We used the biological theory of costly signals in order to solve the social dilemma of different types of moral software for autonomous driving. The most important question was whether and to what extent does mere honest signal – public visibility of type of moral software - increase altruistic choice by participants. The answer is that approximately one third of selfish participants shifts to an altruist option in secret choice if their personal choice of software is visible on the vehicle. Taken together, our results show that respondents exhibit a clear preference for an altruistic utilitarian strategy for AVs. This preference is reinforced if the AV signals its strategy to others. The altruistic preference is strongest when people choose software for everybody else, weaker in personal choice, and weakest in the choice of AVs behaviour for one’s own child. The moral intuition of lay people seems not to correspond with the recommendation of the German ethical committee, as the AV strategy that abstains from the trolley problem is the least popular in all situations for participants in our study. Based on the results, we conclude that, in contrast to a private choice, a public choice is considerably more likely to pressure consumers in their personal choice towards a non-selfish solution, making it a reasonable and relatively cheap way to shift car owners and users towards higher altruism.

Datum zahájení 08.11.2019
Datum ukončení 08.11.2019
Místo konání RJ 209, 10:30
Více informací www.kfi.zcu.cz
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